Our Weekenders Rally,The Trout Inn, Lechlade

We arrived around 12.15pm on Thursday 13th and our host Ron, sited us in a way that started to form a circle in the Rally Field.  Not sure if he was expecting cowboys or Indians but at least we would be protected from whichever group attacked us! 🙂

Ron informed us that only 5 people had officially booked this rally but he expected that many more would turn up and he was hoping to form a full circle of vans by the time everyone had arrived.  We were made to feel welcome and settled in quite quickly, giving the dogs a walk and a nice cuppa.  It was a bit chilly even though the sun kept making an appearance, so not much socialising done.  However, in the evening Ron and Reggie (The Krays twins!) invited me to the pub around 8pmand with no objections from Irene off I went.

The pub was quite busy and initially I was disappointed as the real ale on tap, called Baa Baa was not the best I had tasted.  In fact soon after I went onto cider, which is not Ike me at all.  Anyway Ron & Reg came in and we were joined by Jim, the clubs oldest member at 89!!, and two or three others whose names escape me at the moment.  There were six of us all told.  We had a very enjoyable evening with a lot of banter going on, lots of laughter and the only spoiler was that the beer and cider was £4.50 a pint!  Needless to say I didn’t drink much and certainly will not be returning for more and with the cheapest meal being just under £14 we wouldn’t be eating there either.

On Friday we found somewhere close by where we could run the dogs off their leads which was a bonus.  We also took a trip into Lechlade village itself and soon realised why the beer and food was expensive.  With every other car being either a Mercedes, BMW or Bentley it was obvious this is where the other half lives, after all it is in the Cotswolds!  Lechlade itself is quite pretty but nothing special so after a sort walk around we returned to the campsite where we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening.  We were going to light a campfire in our fire basket that evening but once again the wind was a bit cold so that was postponed.

Today, Saturday, the weather decided to play ball and apart from a chilly wind it was a lovely day such that we spent a large part of the day outside.  When the sun was out it was pleasantly warm but as soon as it went behind a cloud …

We spent most of the day chatting doing some shopping in Swindon and generally relaxing with the dogs.  Come the evening we agreed to light the fire and soon we had a lovely fire going.  As the evening wore on more and more couples came to sit around the fire and we had a pleasant evening making new friends and enjoying the company.  Once the sun went down the fire was definitely needed to keep the chill off but it didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves.  By 9pm a few couples decided it was time to call it a day but a few hardy would stayed. By 10pm everyone was back in their vans.  A good day.


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