3 Weeks in!

After our enjoyable Rally at Lechlade, we made our way across country to attend the National Motorhome Show in Peterborough.  It was an excellent show with good entertainment in the evening and Jethro was his usual naughty self.  Our only disappointment was that there were no American Style RV’s at the show.  Plenty of large ‘trailers’ and fifth wheels, but no RV’s.  However we made friends with a few people in the RVOC who were parked behind us and we were made to feel welcome by them and shown some of their vehicles.  If the house and land sale go through as we hope, I think that will be the way we will go.  It will mean both of us passing our HGV2 test and we won’t have access to many of the sites we have used so far, but that’s a small price to pay for the comfort of a large RV.  We have since joined the RVOClub and they seem a very friendly bunch.  We have booked a Rally with them in June.

After  Peterborough we headed East towards Norfolk and stayed a couple of nights at Sandringham and also at West Runton club sites.  We had a good mooch around North Norfolk and visited Sheringham, Cromer and around.  During this time our Gaslow refillable bottle ran out and the local garages, which do LPG, refused to let us fill it up.  We had to travel quite a way towards Norwich to visit a Gaslow dealer which was rather inconvenient, but this has convinced me that we need to fit a filling point to the outside of the van, that way the garages will have no clue whether we are filling up an onboard gas tank or our bottle!!

One other experience caught us unawares in that whilst at West Runton we needed to stay an extra night as Irene was rather fatigued.  This extra night took us into the Friday of the Bank Holiday weekend which meant the nightly charge went up from £17 to £28!  Ouch, we won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

On the Saturday we made our way down to a CS at Colton just north of Lowestoft and thankfully their charges were reasonable.  On the Sunday we made our way to where we are now, another CS at Ardleigh near Colchester.  This is our old ‘stamping ground’ so we are making the most of visiting friends and family.  Sarah and her partner Lewis came over on Sunday with granddaughter Alia and we had a very enjoyable couple of hours that just whizzed past.  On Tuesday Sarah and Alia came back and also Emily, Ruud and the three girls, Faith Willow and Selena also came to visit.  It was absolutely wonderful to see them after such a long time, and, as Selena was quick to mention, she had never met us before!!  Another very pleasant and enjoyable couple of hours spent chatting, playing with the kids and watching their dancing demonstrations.  Great fun.

The remainder of our stay will be spent visiting Irene’s friend in Brantham tonight, visiting my brother in Braintree tomorrow and then a day of rest before making our way to our next event with the Weekenders at the Steam Rally at Eastleigh.  Can’t wait.


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