Home for a while

The Rally at Eastleigh with the Weekenders Motorcaravan Club was a great event and great value.  The Steam Fair was very large with lots of different stalls and displays and with Arena events for all the family.  The weather was a bit ‘iffy’ with some rain on the Saturday but Sunday dawned bright and dry so the attendance figures were well up.

We left the event early Monday morning and headed back towards Fareham so we could visit an ‘online gaming’ friend.  The pub site was not as ‘restful’ as it should have been and the C&CC hierarchy have been informed about the blatant breaches of the rules, but it was adequate for our purposes.  Paul came to visit us and we had a good few hours chatting and catching up.

The next day we made our way towards Cheddar to our next stop so that we could make a visit to Empire RV, dealers in American Style RV’s or Recreational Vehicles.  They are the ultimate in Motorhome Luxury and something we aspire to, but right now we are only looking.  Firstly, for the bigger vehicles, we need our HGV2 licences and secondly we will have to forego a number of sites that cannot accommodate their size.  BUT, for virtually ‘full-timing’ and European trips they are just the job.

Empire RV were very accommodating and helpful and we enjoyed a couple of hours browsing the new and used RV’s they had.  Maybe, just maybe, once we have sold up and moved we could look at buying a second hand RV, but right now they are beyond our budget.  We have joined the RVOC (RV Owners Club) who we met at Peterborough and we will be attending one of their ‘meets’ at the Welshpool Country & Western Festival in July.  Can’t wait to see them again.

We stayed an extra day at Cheddar so that Irene was fully rested before heading home, which we did on Sunday 21st, so we are home for a while now as the Moho needs some repairs and tlc.  It’s been another good 5 weeks away and we will be preparing for the next adventure as soon as we can.


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