Our current adventure

We are still awaiting the final confirmation of our planning application but there is no more we can do other than wait, so it was on Tuesday 15th August 2017 we set off on our postponed visit to the East!!

We were heading towards Malvern for the Western Motorhome Show at the weekend to arrive on Thursday 17th.  We decided to do a bit of ‘wild camping’ so message the Welsh Wild Campers on Facebook for a recommendation when we were in Sennybridge.  We ended up spending the night in a large secluded lay-by at the side of the A4607 near Cai Reservoir.  It was very peaceful, there was somewhere to exercise and ‘wee’ the dogs so all in all, a good choice.  We scoured the C&CC book for a suitable overnight stop not too far from Malvern and having booked our pitch, we had a good nights sleep.  It did rain a bit in the night but we’re used to that.

Wednesday dawned bright and dry so once we were breakfasted and the dogs were sorted we set off for our next stop, a nice little CS near Ross on Wye.  There was only one tent when we arrived although another Motorhome arrived later.  This was a good site for us, no real facilities but a very large adjacent field where the dogs could run to their hearts content.  A good stopover before heading for Malvern.

We arrived at Malvern around 11 to 11.30 and got straight to our pitch with little delay.  We were camping with the Weekenders Club and we soon had ourselves pitched and the new windbreak up.  This didn’t go down too well as the show organisers hadn’t allowed the club much space and our windbreak took up a lot of the space between us and the next outfit.  It was amicably resolved and we settled in for the weekend.

It was a good show but it was spoilt on two counts.  Firstly, we were sited so far away from the show and entertainment that, had we not had our mobility aids, we would never have made it there an back.  For the evenings entertainment we had to drive the Granny to the venue, it was that far.  Second, the weather wasn’t the best.  Heavy showers on and off really put a dampener on things but I guess we have to take the rough with the smooth.  We enjoyed ourselves, hooked up again with the RVOC lot on Saturday night and once again the beer was reasonably priced.  I decided it was time to go fully refillable on the LPG so we got one of the Gaslow dealers to fit a second refillable bottle plus all the fittings so we could fill up both bottles simultaneously.  Additionally we had an external fill point added so that we could fill up at any garage without the hassle of them knowing we had a refillable system.  Some garages are a bit fussy when it comes to refilling gas bottles.  Now we look like any other vehicle that runs on LPG except we don’t!

Monday saw us heading off site towards our next stop on the way to Cambridge to see Sarah. We made our way to Manor Farm CS near Rugby where we have stayed for 2 nights and from where I am writing this update.  Tomorrow we are heading for a one night stop in Cambridge to visit Sarah to give her the PC I promised her.  We haven’t booked anywhere yet but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere suitable.  Currently sitting in front of the fire pit and its starting to rain, again.


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