Since we came home on the 31st May, we lasted about 5 weeks before needing to get away again.  We managed to sell a lot of our unwanted ‘stuff’ and also got rid of all our sheds, field shelter, lorry back etc., all of which took time as we had to wait for people to collect their ‘stuff’! Anyway, by early July we needed a break so went and stayed at a lovely CS site at Synod Inn. We stayed for best part of a week, popping home as required hoping to get our planning application finalised, all to no avail.  We were supposed to go to the Southern Motorhome Show at Stoneleigh Park in June  but there was such a lot of messing around with the planning we decided not to go.

We then headed to the Welshpool Country and Western Music Festival in July and hooked up with the RV Owners Club whom we met at Peterborough.  We had a great weekend with our new friends and took the opportunity to buy a few clothes plus we ordered a lovely windbreak set for the van that would keep the dogs confined.  We me another ‘Dobie’ owner who was also a club member and our three had a whale of a time with their new ‘friend’.

We made our way back to Synod Inn so that we could be home to collect the delivery of the wind break and then went back to set it up.  It worked a treat.

We had intended to head East for the Norfolk Motorhome show and also visit the kids again and a 5th wheel company in Mildenhall, however Irene’s Grand HiAce was due its MOT on the 3rd of August and as our ‘friends’ had announced their wedding for the 14th August, when we would have been away, we decided to postpone our trip east and would reinstate it after the wedding.

The wedding came and went, but that’s another story, so it was on Tuesday 15th August we set off on our latest adventure.


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