Our trip continues

We arrived at a very nice CS called Orchard Farm in Caldecotte about 20 minutes drive away from Sarah.  The field was about 3/4 of an acre and nice and level and at £10 per night inclusive of electric was very reasonable.  At least 4 vans on site seem to be semi permanent with only 1 occupied at the time.  This is a working farm who obviously rear Turkeys for Christmas as there were a couple of hundred in the adjacent field.  They also had about 6 geese.  After booking in and getting ourselves pitched I telephoned Sarah and at 3.30pm we called in and delivered and set up the PC I had promised her.  The house they rent is very nice but at £1400 per month it should be!  Lewis was at work so didn’t get to see him this time but we will do when we come back in 10 days time.  Spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up with Sarah and made our way back to the van at 5.30pm.  Once we had had dinner and fed the dogs we took them for a walk.  There is a very nice Bridleway nearby with the opportunity to let the ‘off lead’ which is really handy.  We decided to stay one more night before heading off towards Suffolk on Friday.  We will be attending our first ‘Quinn & Co’ fun Doberman weekend, more of which later.

We spent the extra day here trying to find an emergency dentist, as Gary has an abscess, but without success.  Irene took the opportunity to use our portable ‘twin tub’ washing machine to freshen up some of our clothes, and a good job it does too!  We then spent the afternoon shopping for various bits and pieces, including a length of melamine board to act as a temporary shelf.  This has proved to be very useful and a good idea by Irene.  We also stocked up on provisions and I bought a pair of adjustable pliers which I needed to repair our ’emergency’ gas hose as the joint was not quite tight enough and was leaking. Thankfully that is now fixed so if we run short of gas in our refillable system, we can still attach a Standard ‘Calor’ bottle when required.

The day ended in our usual fashion of walking the dogs. However, we were so impressed with the value and location of this CS that we have booked to come back for the first weekend in September in order to see ‘the girls’ for a proper visit and to celebrate Amy’s 38th(?) birthday!


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