25th August 2017 – Quinn & Co.

We were woken rather unceremoniously by the farmer letting his turkeys & geese out, all 200 of them, What a racket! We awoke to an almost cloudless sky and virtually no breeze. It’s approximately 1hour and 15 minutes to Suffolk but, as it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend it’s likely to take us closer to 2 hours. We were hoping to be away by 10am but what with breakfast, walking the dogs and packing up ready to go it was 10.35 before we got going. I am hoping to get some LPG for our refillable system on the way so we will have to keep our eyes open. We found only one garage on the way displaying an LPG sign. After we had pulled in and unable to find the pump, I went in to enquire only to be told they had stopped selling LPG over a year ago. When I asked why there was a sign at the side of the road over a mile back I was informed that the sign belonged to the Highways Agency and, despite telling them on several occasions to remove the sign, it was still there!! Although it is great having a refillable system, the number of garages offering this facility are quite thin on the ground. I have an App on my iPhone for finding such garages but it would appear that it is not as accurate or up to date as I would like.

We arrived on site at Crowfield around 1.30pm and pulled onto a lovely large, flat grassy field with several units and their dogs already here. Irene had been a member of the Quinn & Co. Facebook group for over a year and this was our first chance to visit their annual Doberman weekend. We were made to feel very welcome by the hosts and they had gone to the trouble of providing a generator for the electric. We later found out that the hosts and one of the other campers were in the same company that provided ‘facilities’ for lots of outside events so the generator was already part of their equipment!

Once settled we found that there was a large gazebo under which a few people had gathered along with a large Water Urn with unlimited tea and coffee provided. We had a very relaxed evening socialising with some of the other campers and watching 20+ dobermanns, including our three, running and playing without any conflicts or arguments. The field was fully fenced and the hosts even went to the trouble of providing a fenced off exercise area where they could do their ‘business’ and those unsociable dogs could at least have somewhere to run off lead.

By the time 9pm came along, both Irene and me were shattered and the dogs, having run around and played for the best part of 4 hours, were also shattered. We went back to our van intent on having an early night and a good nights sleep! However nothing ever quite works out as you expect!


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