26th August – Quinn & Co. – Day 2

Once again we were unceremoniously woken at 5.20am this time by Thor scratching at the door to go out. Learning from experience I reluctantly got up, put my dressing gown on, and took him out onto the field. It was just starting to get light and Thor started by sniffing around but eventually he did a pee and we went back to bad. Sadly, that wasn’t the end of it. Half an hour later he was up again at the door and once again I took him out but he was more interested in the field and the ‘wildlife’ rather than going to the toilet. Went back to bed again! Again some time later, not sure how long, Thor got up again and this time managed to open the van door which I had obviously not closed properly. Thankfully we had erected our ‘doggie’ windbreak system so he couldn’t go anywhere but when we did get up around 8.30 we found he had been to the toilet in the enclosed space.

When we had got up we could hear that several other ‘campers’ were already up and their dogs were barking. Making our way over to the gazebo we found that the tea was on and Bacon butties were being prepared for our breakfast, all included in our camping fee we were informed! With the weather forecast promising to be dry and sunny we anticipated another good day.

We spent the day chatting, drinking tea and playing with the dogs. It was really good to have somewhere where the dogs could run free in safety and, despite one or two minor ‘arguments’ between the dogs, they all got on very well. One or two people started the afternoon with a drink or four obviously getting ready for the evening session! During the afternoon we were entertained by two hot air balloons launching from a nearby field, however Thor wasn’t quite so happy and spent a lot of the time barking at them. He seems to have a ‘thing’ about items in the air, kites, wind surfers etc., but not sure why.

Early evening the barbecues were lit and our hosts prepared a lovely barbecue for us all including a vegetarian option for Irene again all included in our weekend fee. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and enjoying the company but once again we headed to bed early, around 10pm, as we were all bushed. Hoping not to have another disturbed night, but the best laid plans etc!!


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