Monday 28th August – Moving on to Suffolk

We were awake quite early today. Several units had intended leaving at 6am today and, although none actually left at that time, the noise of those preparing to leave disturbed us. We stayed in bed as long as possible and eventually got up at 8.30. After tea and breakfast we started preparing to leave. We were not in a hurry so took our time packing up interspersed with chatting and eventually pulled off at 11.30.

We interrupted our journey to Mildenhall with a diversion to Aldi at Bury St. Edmunds to pick up some dog food as e were getting low. We didn’t stop long and continued on our journey arriving at a nice CS near Isleham around 1pm. We got ourselves pitched and settled as we intended to stay for at least a couple of nights so that we could go and view some 5th wheels at Cross Country RV either tomorrow or Wednesday.

It has been very hot today and both of us, and the dogs, have been flagging. So much so that ‘dinner’ this evening was Beans on Toast! Poor Irene was too tired to cook anything and to ensure she would be ‘fit’ for another day I insisted she just sat and relaxed and had a power nap.

Around 8.30pm I took the dogs for their last walk of the day. Thankfully it is now much cooler so with a bit of luck we should get a good nights sleep. We could certainly do with it that’s for sure!


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