Updates coming

I have to confess that my updates to this blog are a bit erratic to say the least! However, now that our house is up for sale and we are currently ‘site sitting ‘ for the winter we have a big decision to make once the house is sold. Do we buy another house, do we find a permanent base from which to travel or do we just stay ‘touring’? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Whatever we decide we will have to change our Motorhome for something more ‘comfortable’ to travel in. Our Moho is already practical and helps us both to cope with our health issues, and allows us to do what whatever we want but, it’s not perfect. A fixed bed would be better for a start along with a bit more living space and storage. That’s why a 5th wheel is our preferred ‘upgrade’ when we can afford it. Finding a ‘year round’ pitch at a reasonable price is difficult but not impossible, but being permanently ‘on the road’ is another possibility as long as we have contingency plans in place. We have met many ‘full timers’ who are very content with their lifestyle and one or two have become good friends. Their advice and assistance has been invaluable so we are not afraid of ‘full timing’ but all of them advise having a ‘contingency plan’ or ‘nest egg’ for any contingency or emergency. Until the house is sold we are really in ‘limbo’ and cannot make a final decision so for now we will have to stay ‘flexible’. As this is likely to be our future lifestyle we need to ensure it is sustainable so it will be important to carefully choose which ‘events’ we attend and what places we visit and when. In the meantime I’ll carry on with this blog but confine my posts to weekly updates unless anything unusual or out of the ordinary happens.

Please feel free to comment, ask any questions and share with anyone you think might be interested. BFN



  1. I think you both deciding t o travel would great, can I suggest that it’s only in the summer months, so a small flat / bungalow might be an option, lets be honest my friend health is a concern for the both of you, after all I’m thinking about that as an issue.

  2. I would look to buy a small
    Property and rent it out via a reputable agent on a 6 month contract. At least then you will have a small income and the property will gain in value. It does not need to be big. Thats what I would do. We travel for 9 months of the yearn on and off and i work for an agency between December and February. We may see you in spain next year as we intend on going between sept and November. Good luck with whatever you do.

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