It’s all happening!

IMG_0129After our visit to Dreams RV in Bicester we realised that vehicles that were within  our weight limit for our driving licence were a) a bit few and far between and b) not really the layout etc., that we wanted.  One RV in particular caught our eye.  It had the layout we wanted, some additional accessories that would be very useful, was in excellent condition BUT it was heavier than we would be able to drive on our current Driving Licences.  I think it stuck in Irene’s head quite a lot and every RV we looked at after this one, just didn’t match up.  There was nothing for it, I would have to take my LGV test!!  (See picture above)

So it was on Friday 2nd February we found ourselves back at Dreams RV putting a deposit on a Winnebago Adventurer 35A, a 35ft triple slide out Class A Motorhome. Since then we have arranged an independent inspection of the vehicle, Gary has passed his LGV medical and applied for his provisional licence, and we have provisionally sold the house to the Webuyanyhouse company.  They made us an offer that was very close to our bottom line price so we decided to go with it, of course subject to their valuation!  In the meantime Gary has started studying for his LGV theory and Hazard Perception tests, has rung around for Insurance quotes and has completed the initial paperwork for the house sale.  As soon as his licence is returned from DVLA he can book his tests which, considering he has passed three mock theory tests and passed each one without any study, should not be a problem.  The hazard perception test is a different matter, but he has the necessary study materials so this too should not be a big problem.

Right now we are quite ‘stressed out’ as we have a Tribunal hearing to attend next week, we will know next week if the house is sold and we will also have the report on the RV!  In addition we think we have finally found a towbar for Irene’s Grand HiAce which is just as well because if the house does sell, we will have to go back to Wales yet again to finish emptying the house.  Back and Forth, Back and Forth.  In addition the Impala’s MOT is due on the 27th of the month and we will have to ‘pack up’ onsite to take it into a garage.  If the house does sell, we will then have to negotiate the purchase of the RV, the sale of the Impala plus we have an RVOC rally early April and are booked for the National Motorhome Show in Peterborough.

I suppose we brought this on ourselves but at least we can say that at the moment, life is not dull.

We have one additional problem to deal with, and that’s our chocolate Doberman, Thor.  He has managed to find his way out of the field at night on a couple of occasions and he has ‘done a runner’ into the next field chasing something and has been quite difficult to get control of as he thinks it’s all a game.  Then yesterday, in the daytime, he jumped the fence into the adjacent field and before I could stop him he managed to get through the hedge of the adjacent field onto the main road!!!  Apart from having to try and get him back I had to deal with an irate motorist who kept yelling at me to ‘get your dog under control’!  If he hadn’t noticed, that’s what I was trying desperately to do and really didn’t need his intervention which was not helping.  Needless to say he was in receipt of a few choice words from me, but I eventually got Thos back under control, not without me losing a few more hairs, and probably some more stress lines on my face!

We have had another little ‘dusting’ of snow today and the forecast is for a bit more tomorrow.  On Monday we will be heading back to Wales for the Tribunal and whilst there we will be doing a few chores and calling in to see a few people.  The forecast for next week is an improving picture so let’s hope the weather improves enough to make the journey more bearable!




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