The plot thickens ….

Things have really taken a different turn in the last ten days.  Who could know??

Firstly, the purchase of the Winnebago fell through as the report was not as glowing as we would have liked so, rather than take a gamble that everything would be okay, we backed out.  Shame really, it was a nice RV but there will be another one soon we are sure.

Secondly the Tribunal back in Wales did not go our way, despite having an expert advocate.  However we were left no worse off than before we went so we must be grateful for small mercies.  However the cost of overnight accommodation, fuel for the journey and the cost of kennelling the dogs for a day came to over £150!!!

On the house front we have agreed a sale with webuyanyhouse.  Not the price we were hoping for but the market in Wales is very depressed and a neighbour up the road has had their house on the market for over 2 years without a sale.  So we decided to take what we could and pay off the mortgage.  There should be enough left over to get our RV and we have retained the land with the planning permission as our ‘pension fund’.  We have applied for full planning for the one plot not affected by the covenant which will enable us to retain an address in Wales!

In the meantime Gary has got his ‘provisional’ licence for LGV’s back and has booked his theory tests for the 13th March, the earliest date available in this area!  He has practiced the hazard perception tests as well now and once again passed the mock tests with flying colours.  With that out of the way he can book his practical training and test and we should be all set.

We will be going off to Hertfordshire on Thursday to get the tow bar fitted to the Granny which will enable us to take the box trailer to Wales to finally empty the house before we complete on the 28th February.  We have also rented out a storage unit for a few months here in Chipping as we don’t want to cart a trailer load of ‘stuff’ to the rallies we have booked in April.

Thor has continued to be a bit of a headache but he is getting a bit more individual attention and play, as are the other two, so hopefully he will be too knackered to keep running off!!

We have decided to stay here at Chipping until after Gary has taken his tests and then we will make our way to Plots Farm to finalise our pitch there before setting off to our rallies in April, by which time we are hoping to have found another RV to have a look at.  Glenn at JustRv’s at Plots Farm has informed us of an RV coming into his depot real soon so we will be going to have a look at that too and kill two birds with one stone.  Keeping our fingers crossed.  Who knows, we may be attending our first RVOC rally in 2018 in our ‘new’ RV!!  Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s all for now folks.


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  1. The up’s and down’s of things can be a test of your character. Then there are some positively goods signs anyway, so keep moving on.

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