We’re Still Here ….

But things have moved on ….

Firstly, our trip to Hertfordshire was successful in that BBC Auto Spares supplied and fitted a towbar to Irene’s Granny.  The place was just off the M25 so was very easy to find and it took just over an hour and twenty five minutes to get there.  I took Thor with me so that Irene was able to deal with Dexter and Lucy who are a bit easier to handle.  Also thought Thor would enjoy a day out with me on his own.  The owner of the garage kindly dropped us off in St. Albans and Thor and I had a good walk around the park and then we went into Town for some Coffee and a bite to eat.  Thor seemed to enjoy himself and a few people stopped us to say hello to him.  The staff in the local Hotter shop even allowed him in whilst I had a look for a new pair of Slippers, which, sadly the ones I wanted are no longer made. Typical.  The journey back was uneventful but the whole trip was worth it to have the towbar at last.

We also managed a trip to Plots Farm to view the RV that Glenn at Just RV’s told us about, more of which in a moment.  We managed to speak to Margaret and finally secure our pitch at Plots Farm.  We now have somewhere to return to when we need to pitch up for a while and we started paying for it as from the 1st March.

On the house front we have exchanged contracts but the bad weather of the ‘Beast from the East’ has caused a slight delay so completion did not take place on the 28th February as planned.  Indeed we made two special trips to Wales to finally clear out the remainder of our stuff, which was mainly Irene’s craft room, clearing the loft of all those things you tend to tuck away and forget about, and we cleared out the Garage and Stables.  Louise and Andrew popped in whilst we were busy but it helped that they then took away some of the stuff they wanted.  Anything else has been left outside the wooden gates with a ‘FREE’ sign for people to help themselves.  Sad to leave some of it behind but we have no choice as there just isn’t enough room in the unit to store everything.

The weather this week has been very cold and windy and, although the rest of the country has suffered from large falls of snow, we have had very little but the wind has still driven it into large drifts making driving a bit treacherous.  As a result Gary had to postpone his LGV assessment drive in Leicester and will have to re-schedule it when the weather improves.  We have to stay here at least until the 15th as Gary has his Theory & Hazard tests on the 13th March.  After that we will be making our way to Plots Farm for a couple of weeks before setting off on one or two Rallies before our trip to Somerset.

Now, as for the RV it was really good and in lovely condition.  Suffice to say we have placed a deposit on it and as soon as the house sale is complete we will be travelling to Plots Farm to collect it!  It’s plated weight is only 7.1 ton so we can drive it on our ordinary Driving Licences but, in reality it has been ‘down plated’ so once Gary passes his LGV test we will have it re-weighed and re-plated so that it can be loaded to it’s full weight of just under 10 ton.  Once we have secured the sale we will post more details of the RV but in the meantime here are a few photos.  We are hoping to Part Ex the Motorhome for the RV and although Glenn is not keen, we will probably trade it in just to save the hassle of trying to sell it.

As fate would have it our friends Mo & Georgie will also be making their way to Plots Farm for a few days as their usual spot for this time of year was unavailable. It will be good to catch up with them again and all being equal we can make our way to the Rallies together.

Currently we are frozen in at Chipping and, although our water hose and other bits are frozen, we still have access to the Site Building with toilet, shower, washing machine and sink etc., so although it’s a bit of a faff, we are warm and comfortable.  Hopefully the freeze will start to clear soon and we can get back to normal. Walking the dogs is a bit of a challenge and they are a bit bored, but we are all fed and watered so it’s not all bad!!

That’s all for now.



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