Time to move on

Sadly we had a difference of opinion with our co-sitters at Chipping so in the interests of their safety, I decided it would be prudent to move on.  Our so-called ‘manager’, who failed to act on another issue way back in January, proved he was not really worthy of discussing the issue, so we left the site on Monday.

It took us a while to pack up everything but we managed to get going and arrived at our ‘home site’ at Plots Farm just after it got dark. The weather was abysmal as it rained all the time, but our pitch is hard standing so not an issue when we arrived.  We got ourselves quickly set up, got ourselves and the dogs fed and then had an early night as we were both bushed!!

The following morning we started to get to know our ‘neighbours’ and then re-arranged our position so that both our electric hook-up and water hose would reach!!  This site will be our ‘home base’ for the foreseeable future and will be the site we come back to when we are not travelling or touring.  It is also the site from where we will purchase our RV and also where we will return it for its MOT, servicing etc., as Duncan of Star Spangled Spanner is also based here.

We pay a ‘holding fee’ to reserve our pitch whilst we are away which is then increased to the normal site fee when we are actually on site.  It works very well for us as it does for most of our neighbours.

We understand that the owner of Plots Farm also offers some storage space here so we are hoping to be able to transport all our ‘stuff’ here, well all the stuff we haven’t either sold or disposed off etc.

Sadly, because of the increased distance from Oxford, it was not practical for me to travel back to take my LGV theory and hazard perception tests, which I will have to re-arrange as soon as possible.  We have already registered with a Doctors Practice in Collingham, about 5 miles away, and we are arranging for the records of the dogs at our vets back in Carmarthen to be transferred to a practice nearby which is part of the same group!  I have also registered with a dentist as yet another tooth is falling to bits and needs taking out, which hopefully will be done this Friday.  Today I had my re-arranged ‘assessment’ drive at Data Academy, which was okay but some minor habits and errors need attention, which is to be expected I guess.  I will be booking my course and test as soon as I have passed my theory and hazard exams.

On the house front the survey has come back and is okay meaning we are only waiting for the Land Registry to confirm the split of the land from the house and, as soon as that comes back, the sale will complete.  We can then get started in moving into our new RV!!  We have also applied for full planning on one of our plots in Wales and we should hear back from the Council in about 10 days time, so it’s all still happening.  Can’t wait for everything to be over and done with so that we can start our new way of life.


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