Do you ever get the feeling that things are working against you?

Okay, first things first. The house buyers have been playing silly buggers as their ‘Surveyors Report’ – and I use that term in its loosest sense – says there are some other issues with the house, meaning that their offer is having to be re-evaluated, downwards!! I think the surveyor got his qualification from the University of Mickey Mouse as he has made some very basic mistakes and also made some very inaccurate – i.e. wrong, assumptions. I have challenged the report and we are awaiting their response and updated offer. We are guessing they will offer us quite a lot less for the house which will mean our RV becomes unaffordable. Bugger.

On the driving front, I have completed my assessment with Data Academy and, despite my years of professional driving experience, I had quite a few minor ‘habits’ that need addressing. In any event they are confident this can be dealt with successfully during my course. My re-arranged theory test is now fixed for this Saturday 24th March in Lincoln, approximately 7 miles away. Couldn’t get both tests on the same day so Hazard Perception is on the 29th. Once done I will be booking my course with Data Academy.

Now the good news. We have found yet another RV that we can afford to purchase which is being sold by another resident here at Plots Farm. It is a 2005 model Winnebago Voyage 33V on a Workhorse Chassis with an 8.1 vortex engine. It has a current MOT and has been in regular use up until just before Christmas. It is in excellent condition inside and we have seen everything working as it is on a fully serviced pitch. It has also had new tyres in the last 18 months or so and this means that if we are successful in purchasing this RV we are in the right place to ‘move in’ as it is parked opposite us!!  Just RV’s I am sure will be disappointed that we cannot proceed with the Hurricane, but beggars can’t be choosers and this latest RV is a good ‘third choice’. Just keeping our fingers crossed that we can get this all done and dusted before the end of the month.

Today has been a good day, sort of.

First some good news! The House Sale went through today so we are now Mortgage Free for the first time in 45 years, and that feels just great!! It’s been a long time coming, well that’s how it feels, and the last 2 years since our decision to downsize and start living in our Motorhome has been both enjoyable but also very stressful.  Finding out I have Aspergers has also caused a few issues but as we come to terms with dealing with my ‘issues’ from a position of knowledge,  rather than not having a flipping clue as to why I went off on one, maybe we can deal with it better!!  It’s still a problem but now that we know what’s wrong with me maybe we can sort out a strategy to deal with it.

The bad news is that as a result of the Surveyors report mentioned above, which I challenged, we are down £10k on what we expected to get for the house.  After the report they downgraded their offer and were now offering £20k less than before!  However on the upside my email challenge to the report, pointing out all the errors, ended up being worth about £10k as they further revised their offer back  upwards as a result!  Sadly, his means the Hurricane is beyond our finances.  The other RV is proving to be problematic in that the owner will only accept a CASH payment. No Bank Transfer or anything. He even wanted us to pay the amount in 3 lots to three different people!! After nearly 50 years of faithfully paying taxes, which I still do on my Pension, and previously at the higher rate, I am not about to help someone else avoid their tax obligations, which is why he wants to do it this way.  That’s his problem, not mine.  However, after checking our finances and toying with the idea of a 5th wheel (again) or getting a loan (after just paying off the mortgage) we decided that if he wants to be dishonest, then that’s his business as we are not in a position, financially, to do much else.  At least this RV is of a similar age and condition to the other one we wanted to buy but is £27k cheaper!!    That’s a heck of a lot of petrol or valuable ‘insurance’ against any major issues as this will be a private sale so no warranty of any kind.  Having spoken to the bank we have arranged a suitable ‘withdrawal’ so here’s hoping this transaction doesn’t go t*ts up!!

As for some of the other issues previously mentioned my errant tooth is no more having been unceremoniously pulled out last Friday.  Mouth is still rather sore 1 week later but it is on the mend.  Also today we visited a Vet practice in Bingham which is part of the same group as our Carmarthen vet.  As a result all the dogs details and our contributions to the ‘healthy pet club’ have all been successfully transferred to the new practice without a hitch.  Something has gone right for once!  The practice is further away from ‘home’ than before but, because the roads are better here, there is no difference in the time it takes to get there (barring traffic jams of course)

Our new doctors surgery have confirmed our acceptance into the practice so we have an appointment next week to arrange for our prescriptions to be confirmed and dealt with.  There is a pharmacy on site too so getting repeat prescriptions should be less of a hassle than back in Wales.  As we are both over 60 the issue of ‘free’ prescriptions that we enjoyed in Wales continues as they are now free for us in England too!

We have made some friends here already and they seem to be in a similar position to ourselves.  There is quite a community feel here and we are told that in the summer, in the better weather, many of the residents participate in joint barbecue’s, drinks and other social events on a regular basis.   We have received several offers of help if we need it and it is the advice we have received so far that led us to both the new Doctors, the dentist and the vets!!   Additionally we have now secured storage space in a 32′ lockable lorry trailer at half the price of our storage facility in Chipping Norton.  We emptied our box trailer into it and to be quite honest, whilst the box trailer was full, it all looks a bit lost in the artic trailer!   One of our new found friends has offered to assist me in clearing out the lock up in Chipping and we have arranged to collect our ‘stuff’ very soon.  We will then have everything to hand here and can start organising the disposal or otherwise of most of it.  With any luck we will be all set for our trip to the Motorhome Show in Peterborough with the RVOC club in mid April, followed by our trip down to Somerset in May.  It’s all go.

Finally, tomorrow is my theory test exam so let’s hope my head stays clear enough to get through that without too much issue!!


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