We’re on the way ….


Lots of updates to report!

Passed my driving theory test quite easily which, as a retired copper, would have been a bit embarrassing if I had failed.  Then 3 days later I also passed the Hazard Perception Test. Phew!  Straight away I rang up Dorian at Data Academy and booked my LGV practicals course and test which we managed to get squeezed in from the 12th April. If I pass my test, which will be on the 18th April, we will be setting off on the 19th to Peterborough for the first motorhome show of the season.  We will be going with the RVOC club so we are really looking forward to it and hoping the weather starts to improve.

On the RV front, the purchase of the Winnebago went through and we are now the proud owners!  We moved in last Saturday 31st March and have spent the last few days ‘moving in’ and getting ourselves organised.

We have emptied the Impala and put it up for sale and someone is coming to view it this Saturday, so fingers crossed it will sell quickly as we have priced it to sell!

On BH Monday, Colin one of our neighbours, kindly drove me and our trailer to our lock up in Chipping Norton.  Whilst there we visited the campsite and picked up some mail then ‘set to’ loading Collins sprinter van and our box trailer.  It only took us 90 minutes to load up as Colin is very used to manual work as he has used his van for ‘removals’ several times.  We were back on our way home before lunch.  The weather was very wet but we were fortunate that it held off whilst we were loading.  We had intended to unload when we got back because Colin needed his van again in the morning but, as luck would have it, his other job got cancelled so we emptied his van the following day. The unexpected bonus was that the lock up owner has refunded part of the rental.

The following day Irene and I had a trip to IKEA in Sheffield which was very successful and with what we bought it has helped us to get just that bit more organised.  There are still some jobs to do but we will get to them in time.

So far I have managed to sort out the water hose (despite managing to overflow the water tank several times and flooding the pitch), emptied the grey water tank as it was coming back up into the shower tray!!  & removed the damaged water filter but the new one doesn’t fit and generally done some tightening of door handles and other minor jobs.  I am sure there will be some other ‘issues’ that will rear their heads as some of the equipment is not intuitive to operate.

Tomorrow is clean out the Impala day and also to try and empty some of the ‘stuff’ out of the trailer and into our storage container.  All in all we’ve been very busy and we’re not finished yet, not by a long chalk!



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  1. Looks very nice, hope you both enjoy your travels my friend. Nearly into the big trucker league,you soon catch me up, a semi licence next then you’ll be on par with me lol

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