Settling in nicely

It’s 10 days since my last update and we continue to be busy!

We are becoming more comfortable in the RV and it is good that the dogs have settled in too. There is a nearby ‘common’ where the dogs can be let off their leads so they two good runs per day which makes them much more settled in the evenings.

Sadly the Impala didn’t sell at the weekend so we have now put it on eBay and hope it will go soon. I may have to reduce the price quite a bit to get rid of it quickly and perhaps take out some of the ‘goodies’.

I started my practical driving course last Thursday and within 10 minutes my instructor commented that I wouldn’t need the 4 days to come up (or is that down!) to the standard required to pass the test. After the first day we decided jointly that we would have a day off on Friday and resume the course on Monday.

On the RV front I am starting to get to grips with the ‘daily living’ quirks of the RV, no more flooding of the pitch and getting to grips with the emptying of grey and black tanks and general maintenance. The RV is very easy to live in and there aren’t a lot of ‘chores ‘ to keep up with. I have put on new windscreen wipers and cleaned the headlights, which were a bit opaque, and a few other more minor maintenance jobs.

Our friends MO & Georgie arrived on Monday this week in their 5th wheel and we have been catching up with them. I have helped MO with a water leak and he has likewise helped me with putting up our awning. We had a bit of ‘fun’ with it but we got there in the end. We will be going to the Peterborough show with them next week and also be joining up with them down in Somerset. We can’t go at the same time as them to Somerset as Irene has a hospital appointment on the 30th to get more medication. We will also be visiting the vets in Bingham to collect the dogs wormers and flea treatment, not that they really need them but we like to have them to hand just in case.

Looking forward to continuing my driving course on Monday and getting ready for my test on Wednesday!


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