An anti-climax

I was really looking forward to completing my practical driving with a successful test but it wasn’t to be.  I made a fundamental schoolboy error before I even started, knocking over one of the cones when reversing. This is despite doing this manoeuvre at least 6 times without a problem. Although this is an immediate fail, I decided to continue with the rest of the driving and, would you believe it, only got 4 minors, so without the cock up I would have passed.  I am so angry with myself!!

What this means in reality is that our intended trip to the Peterborough Motorhome Show with our friends from the RVOC (RV owners club) is now cancelled.  As I only mucked up the reversing I immediately re-booked a test which will now be on the 1st May, so keeping my fingers crossed for the next time.

All clouds have a silver lining and the upshot is that it gives us a bit more time to sell the Impala.  I put it on EBay last week and didn’t get any interest.  However I re-listed it at a much lower price on both EBay and Gumtree and have had a queue of buyers!!  The one who actually paid the price is coming to collect it, hopefully, on Sunday so that will be one more item out of the way.

The weather has been really good this weekend so we have made the most of the weather by getting some of those little jobs done, like washing the car, sorting out a few minor repairs to the RV (repairing one of the blinds) and setting up the portable satellite dish.  We have purchased a small flymo to keep the grass down within the windbreak as the site maintenance chap can’t exactly ride his mower inside the windbreak!!  Irene has bought a few planters and has potted them up with some fresh herbs and a few flowers.  Many residents here have similar planters and generally keep their ‘plot’ in good condition.

We are going to make the most of the next week or so in particular getting our previous Motorhome sold and away and perhaps doing a day visit to the Peterborough Show as well getting to know our local area.


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