Oh no, not again!

We managed a day visit to the Peterborough Motorhome Show and had a good day chatting with our RVOC friends Mo & Georgie as well as getting some ribbing for failing my LGV test!  It was all meant, and taken, in good part with no malice, and there were lots of comments like ‘you’ll walk it next time’ and ‘I failed my test first time’, so I didn’t feel too bad.  Finally met ‘Adie’ and ‘Cassie’ from the RVOC. Cassie has had some revolutionary treatment abroad for her Multiple Sclerosis, which seems to have worked.

However, I took my re-scheduled LGV test on the 1st May as planned and everything started off really well.  The reversing part was completed successfully and even got a favourable comment from one of the other instructors.  The examiner threw me a curve ball when asking some pre-test questions in the cab, one about Tachometer Cards, which are no longer discs but actual credit card style cards!!  I have no idea when they were changed and I looked a bit of an idiot pointing to the tachometer machine, not realising that a disc wouldn’t even fit.  One other question foxed me as it hadn’t come up in the course of my driving, that of sufficient air in the brakes.  I knew there would be an audible warning if the air was low and that I would have to sit with the engine running until it stopped.  What I didn’t know was there is a ‘tell tale’ light on the dash just like the oil light or battery light.

The test progressed quite smoothly even though the test route this time was completely different from the last time, except for one part, which was my undoing.  This occurred towards the end of the drive and consisted of a set of lights at a staggered junction.  During my course, and on my last test, I approached these lights in the near side lane with the intention of going ‘straight’ across.  I had successfully carried out this manoeuvre several times during the course and also on my last test.  However this time we had to approach in the right turn lane and, as the lights were red, I waited in the queue behind one vehicle from the lights.  As the lights changed and I attempted to move off I realised I was not in gear and, by the time I had realised what had happened and started to move, the lights changed and my reactions were too slow and the front of the truck was over the white stop line.  Yet another fail, I couldn’t believe it.  Once again at at the briefing I was informed that, but for this error, I would have passed with only 5 minors!!  Damn & Blast.  I have booked my test again but I shall keep the date to myself this time.

On the home front, the Motorhome has sold, albeit for less than we would have liked, but it had to go so we agreed a deal.  Over the last couple of weeks we have managed to re-organise our storage container so that Irene now knows where everything is.  I have continued to do some minor repairs to the rig and purchased a few adaptors, hose connectors and such that we will need when we get going.  Our water flow was quite slow but this was cured by cleaning out the ‘airator’ on the end of the tap which was full of crud.  Hopefully this has also cured the ‘pulsing’ of the water pump when we have to use it.  I have also had the dubious pleasure of emptying the Black Tank, sorting out some more hose and generally making sure how everything works.

We have had to purchase a new Chassis battery as the existing one was completely beyond use and beyond recovery.  After 24 hours of charging, after only a couple of hours, the voltage was 5.6volts!  No wonder I couldn’t get the engine started.  Once the new battery was installed the engine started first time, so apart from not having a licence to drive the thing yet, we are all set for the off.

Irene has now had her hospital appointment with the Haemotologist and after a very friendly and interesting conversation, she has put Irene on a new anti-coagulant tablet.  So far the tablets appear to be working fine with no adverse side effects, so after over two and a half years of having to have daily injections in her stomach, the days of injections may be over!!  Fingers crossed.  She has also had another appointment for a scan of her badly swollen Achilles’ tendon and an x-ray of her knee after a nasty fall.  We should know the results of both by the end of this week.  Hopefully that’s the end of the appointments for now and we can soon be on our way to Somerset.

We have provisionally booked a Rally at the Route 66 event in Bournemouth in early July which Mo & Georgie will also be attending.  After that we will be travelling down to Weymouth to see Adie again as he will carry out a service and MOT on our rig which is due at the end of July.  After that we can make more plans for other events and a few visits.

We have now met a few more ‘residents’ who have been very friendly and chatty and generally had a relaxing time.  We have been into Lincoln a few times now and we are getting to know the place quite well.

That’s it for this time.  Until next time.


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