And so it goes ….

Well, things have taken a turn for the better!

Glad to say we were able to collect Irene’s new car on Saturday 23rd June and it all went very smoothly.  David, the salesman we were dealing with came and collected us from Bussex Farm around midday and we completed all the paperwork reasonably smoothly to be on the road by 3pm.  Very happy with the car and they even paid for a full tank of diesel!  We can heartily recommend Somerset County Cars.  If ever you are in the area and looking for a new or secondhand Toyota, if you tell them we recommended them to you you’ll probably be charged a lot more!!  😃

Once we were back at Bussex Farm we started to make up for the time we were basically ‘car less’.  On the Sunday we visited the Clarke’s Shopping Village in Street and once again we visited Glastonbury on Tuesday 26th.  Both visits were really good with both the humans and the dogs being well catered for.  C4B86193-A15E-4ECC-B9BE-0E684B07B165We met a couple in Glastonbury that we got on with really well and as they live in Othery we arranged to visit them on the Thursday.  After calling into Somerset County Cars for the small ‘dink’ on the boot lid to be touched in we called in to see Andrew & Kathy in Othery and had a very pleasant hour or so enjoying coffee and ‘chewing the fat’.  On their recommendation we then went to the ‘Bere Cider Company’ at Langport where we spent another couple of pleasant hours at Jim’s bar.


That’s Jim in the photo with Irene enjoying a rare glass of alcoholic beverage called ‘Morgan’s Sweet Cider’, a single variety cider that won best cider at the recent Somerset Cider festival, and deservedly so.   If you want to know a bit more about how we got on, look up the company on Tripadvisor and take a look at my review.  Needless to say we made our visit very worthwhile and came away with a few ‘bottles’ along with some local cheese, eggs and butter.

Come Friday it was time to leave Bussex Farm and make our way to the Stratford upon Avon River Festival Rally with Motorhome Fun and the RVOC, and we were staying on the Stratford Racecourse site.  It didnt take us long to get settled and we had a very relaxing evening.

On the Saturday we decided to visit the festival itself.  Sadly there was no wheelchair access to the Town Centre from the Rally site so we had to take the car into Town.  Fortunately we managed to find a vacant disabled parking bay in the High Street and, had we not done so, the chances of us being able to visit the festival would have been zero as everywhere else was ‘chocka block’ with vehicles and with no parking spaces available.

The festival itself was well worth the visit but to be honest it was far too busy for us, especially with 3 dogs.  There were plenty of stalls, events, music and eateries to visit along with lots of Morris sides entertaining the crowds, but we were hard pressed to find some shade to rest in.  We managed to give the dogs a paddle in the river, had some nice but quite expensive food, and plenty of ice creams for both us and the dogs.  We were restricted to time by the parking restrictions so by 3pm we had left the festival and returned to the Rally site.


As you will see from the Photo, the bridge over the river was extremely busy and there was ‘two way traffic control’ in place to ensure everyone could keep moving.

On the Saturday evening there was an informal barbecue at Larry99’s van and we all gathered for a pleasant evening of chat and banter, all topped off with the Fireworks Display from the festival site just at the back of the Rally Site.

A well earned rest at the end of the day!

On Sunday we decided to stay ‘on site’ as it really was too hot to visit the festival again and, with the weather being so nice, it was likely to be even busier than the day before.  We left the site briefly to do a bit of shopping at Aldi where we picked up a small camp kitchen and a portable gas hob and grill along with some dog food and a few other bits.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and trying not to get overheated!  We waited until late in the evening, once the temperature had dropped to a more bearable level, to get the RV ready for the off in the morning.  By 10pm we were absolutely shattered so we headed for our pit content in the knowledge we only had to take the slides in in the morning to be on our way, but little did we know.

Monday dawned just as hot and sunny as before but we got ourselves set for the off, took the dogs for their constitutional, pulled the slides in, upped the hydraulic jack legs and started on our way.  We were heading for Yeovil and had arranged with our co-travellers that we would all meet up at Sedgemoor services on the M5 for a short comfort stop, we would then set off at 15 minute intervals so that we didn’t all end up at at our camp site at the same time.  Once at Sedgemoor I set off for the services to grab Irene and I a nice Costa Coffe and a Cornish Pasty for me.  I was gone about 10 or 15 minutes but when I returned I was very surprised to find that our other fellow travellers had left without us. Was it something we said?  Irene told me they had just left en masse without a word and subsequently we got a call to say they would let us know if there was room for us once they got to our destination.

Once I had eaten my pasty and we had drunk our coffee Irene confessed she was feeling a bit dizzy and light headed and wasn’t sure she could manage another hour or so of driving.  As luck would have it we were only about 20 minutes away from Bussex Farm where we had left last Friday so, after a quick phone call to Richard we made our way there instead.  We had not long arrived when we got a phone call from our fellow travellers that there was space for us but, with Irene being the way she was, we decided to stay put here for a few days so she could recover and we would catch up with them at Route66 on Thursday.  Did say how surprised we were that they left without us and without saying anything before they left, but hey ho, each to their own.  At least we can make another visit to Glastonbury, so every cloud has a silver lining!

The only downside now that we are here is we went to pull out the awning and realised we had managed to leave behind the ‘awning puller’ handle back at the Rally Site in Stratford.!!  With Richards help we managed to fabricate a temporary awning puller so at least we can enjoy some shade whilst we are here.  As a result of our neighbours at Stratford we have since ordered an instant pop-up gazebo, which will be delivered to us here on Wednesday.  It’s waterproof, provides plenty of ventilation and shade with its mesh sides and can also be fully wind and waterproofed with its additional sides and can be pegged down using its storm traps.  For weekend rallies it will prove very useful for keeping the dogs cool and under control without having to put up our big windbreak.  For our longer stays, the windbreak will be preferable but we can still erect the gazebo if needed.


Thats it for now.  We will be making our way to the Route66 festival on Thursday for the weekend, then we are off to see Adi4 at Weymouth for a service and MOT on the RV.  Fingers crossed all goes smoothly.  Will give another update soon after that.



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