Oh dear what can the matter be……?

It would seem that my last blog entry got under the skin of one of our RV ‘friends’! Apparently we are ‘friends’ no more.

It was the bit about us stopping at the services and me getting back from buying us a Coffee and a pasty and finding our party had left without us. Was it something we said? I had chided.

Now despite me not mentioning any names in that entry, after all there were three other parties in our group plus us, one of our number took umbrage and decided the entry was somehow a personal attack against him and a slight on his character and I had besmirched his name! Did you get his name? No? What a surprise, and I am not going to tell who it was anyway, much as I would love to rub his nose in it.

As I said in the previous entry we did receive a short phone call from one of the party to say what they were doing, but as Irene was feeling unwell…. well you know the rest.   When Irene tried the following day to enquire of his wife why he was so upset she just got the “I’m not getting involved” mantra, “it’s between the two of them”.  Okay, that’s fair but WHAT was between the two of us, because at that time I hadn’t got a clue.

Apparently someone had pointed out my entry on my blog and it was then that it dawned what had upset him, about being left behind at the services, you know the entry that never even mentioned him!!  His initial response was to write a ‘reply’ to my blog entry accusing me of having a ‘different reality’ to his own, but as I have to approve all replies, it’s my blog after all, his response didn’t see the light of day.   In the meantime he posted an entry on one of our RV forums bemoaning his plight and that we were ‘friends no more’.   It’s not something I would have done as I was told never to air your dirty washing in public.  But now, because any one of our RV friends can read my blog, as there is a link in my forum signature, will now know who we are talking about.  So much for anonymity!

So it was that I emailed him to ask how what I had written had been ‘different in reality’ and why he had been so upset by it, bearing in mind no names were mentioned! His response was quite surprising really, “what has upset me is that you felt it necessary to put on your blog that you had been left on the services without warning instead of contacting me directly first I only found out about your post when i was told it was there”.   So it would seem that he did take my blog entry as a personal insult, you know the one that didn’t even mention him, and that he expected me to contact him not only to find out what was going on, but also I should not have made my blog entry without speaking to him first!  Really?   You know the blog entry he would have known nothing about because he doesn’t follow my blog and he only found out because some kind person pointed it out to him!  Now I wonder who that could have been?

He also stated that he thought Irene and I had both gone to get a coffee so there was no one to tell they were leaving.   I also enquired if anyone had bothered to look in our RV   before they left because Irene was sitting in the drivers seat and anyway, what was so ‘urgent’ about them leaving that they couldn’t have waited a further five minutes to tell us in person what their plans were?  That’s what ‘friends’ do isn’t it?  However, his parting shot was that if I felt I had been treated so badly (not sure where that came from, it certainly wasn’t in my blog entry) that we should go our separate ways and be ‘friends no more’.

Well as you may have guessed none of my questions about ‘reality’ etc., got answered and he hasn’t bothered to answer my second email either, but that’s to be expected of someone who ‘hits the roof’ over an insignificant blog entry that wasn’t even about him personally.   Maybe it is better this way but it is really sad that both Irene and his wife have also lost their friendship through no fault of their own.

Here’s hoping that no one else gets upset by what I write.   If you do, give me your phone number and I’ll ask for your permission before I post anything – NOT!


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