Clickety Click – Route 66


Despite our trials and tribulations with our former ‘friends’ we spent a pleasant few days at Bussex Farm and, as planned, visited Glastonbury and did a bit more sight seeing.

We left on the Thursday morning as planned and headed for Bournemouth Airport where Route 66 was to be held.  Because of what had happened the previous weekend we had thought we might give this rally a miss as it could have been very embarrassing, but with the support of others we decided to go anyway and just take whatever arises in our stride.  As it turned out there was nothing to worry about, but I digress.

We made our way to Bournemouth Airport and arrived around midday.  The weather had continued to stay dry and hot and the forecast for the weekend was ‘more of the same’!  Excellent!  The quickest way to ruin ANY rally is for there to be bad weather.

We were marshalled to our spot and over the next few hours more of the RV set arrived and we made a line along the perimeter fence facing in towards the centre of the field.  Cassie & Adi, our rally marshalls, had asked that we prepare a bit of information about our rig and our lifestyle to put on the front of our RV which would enable interested people to get some idea of what owning an RV was like.  Others in the group did similar about their RV and over the weekend quite a few people stopped to chat about what its like to own and run an RV, a subject that is close to our heart and we are always happy to bore the pants off anyone if they’re willing to listen.

Over this weekend we decided not to use our main awning but instead used our new ‘pop up’ gazebo, as shown in our previous post.  This worked very well indeed.  It was very quick and easy to erect and kept the worst of the sun off our heads, gave somewhere for the dogs to lie out of the sun and proved its worth.  The only rub was that the ground on the site was very hard and the plastic pegs supplied with the gazebo were not up to the job.  Fortunately we had some steel pegs that we had bought purposely but even these struggled with the ground.  We need to get some special ‘rock’ pegs!!

Fortunately one or two of our number actually lived quite locally so their knowledge was used to get the information we needed to ensure the dogs got some good exercise as they were not allowed to be exercised or let off lead in the rally site.  Plenty of space to walk them to do their ‘business’ but nothing more.  We had a couple of pleasant outings to a ‘doggy beach’ where the dogs got their first taste of paddling waist deep in the sea.

Anyway, the event, which is basically an American themed show with our American RV’s and some American Cars also included some displays by various local Car Clubs, e.g. Subaru owners, ‘Rat Car’ club and various others.  Additionally there were several local ‘dance/cheerleader’ groups, with a ‘bucking bronco’ ride and a few ‘rides’ to include bumper cars and the usual eateries plus live music the weekend looked to be a good place to be.  In addition, in the adjacent field there was a ‘drive in movie’ set-up with a big screen, snack bars etc. and all that was required for us to enjoy the show was to tune in on the radio!  The weather really was making the whole thing possible.

Most of the exhibitors would be arriving on Saturday so our marshalls had arranged a ‘Chilli Dog’ get together for Friday lunchtime, but, as the weather was so hot it was decided to postpone it until  later in the evening.  Tom’s wife Kelly prepared the Chilli whilst Cassie and Adi supplied and prepared the genuine American style Hot Dogs with the rolls!  With salad, onions, corn chips and rice, we had a great combination for a Chilli Feast which everyone seemed to enjoy.

On the Saturday evening Cassie came to tell us that there was a special ‘performer’ event that Irene would be interested in, an Elvis tribute singer called Gary Foley who apparently was the runner up in the Las Vegas Elvis Impersonator competition.  Irene is not normally a fan of Elvis impersonators but she was persuaded to give this man the benefit of the doubt.  I think in the end she was glad she did.  Gary was an excellent Ambassador as a tribute to Elvis and, whilst no one would believe he would replace ‘The King’, he was a credible tribute act.

For us there was not much else to entertain us at this show and the Sunday passed with us exercising the dogs and generally relaxing in the gazebo, but it was worth attending none the less.  Our concern about our ‘former friends’ attending did not materialise as they had broken down en route and did not make it to the show in the end.

We left the venue around 10am on the Monday and headed for our next stop at Bagwell Farm near Weymouth in preparation for the RV’s service and MOT.  Having last Friday visited a local Certificated Site we had intended to use for this period over the weekend,  it was immediately apparent that whilst the RV would fit on the site, the access road was more likely to take our Air Conditioning units off the roof due to the overhanging trees!  So we reverted to Plan B and booked a pitch at Bagwell Farm as Adi & Cassie had recommended.  This site would cost much more than we had ever paid for a pitch so we decided to treat it as a ‘holiday’ instead.  On arrival it was clear that this was the right choice!  A large well laid out site with extra large ‘super’ pitches for RV’s which included electricity, water and grey waste disposal all on the pitch and with plenty of room for our awning and car.  I suppose the rule of thumb here is ‘you get what you pay for’!

On the Monday afternoon we headed into Weymouth having been to Asda over the weekend to get some bathing outfits, just so we could take the dogs swimming!  The Beach at Weymouth has an area at the far end of the beach where dogs are allowed and we spent a pleasant hour or so getting the dogs paddling and eventually swimming.  We finished this off with a plate of Fish & Cheesy chips before heading back for a well earned rest.  Little did we know what was to come that night!!

I had put up our awning during the day and with the weather still being hot and calm we went to bed without thinking only to be woken in the early hours, i.e. 2.30 am with the sound of the awning flapping in the light breeze that had now arisen.  As we lay there  thinking whether we should get the awning in or put up with the noise the wind strength began to increase slightly leaving us with no option.  So it was at 3.20 am, dressed in nothing but my dressing gown, I ventured outside to get the awning in, which I am pleased to say went away without too much drama.  Peace at last but a disturbed night is not what we needed.  This is yet another lesson learned for the future!

On Tuesday we managed to do a bit of grocery shopping, got my repeat prescription of medications and arranged for Irene’s prescription to be delivered to Asda  tomorrow.  As it turned out the ‘prescription delivery service’ didn’t work out as simple as expected but, in the end, Irene got her medications too!

We will be up at 8am tomorrow with the intention of being at Adi’s by 10 am for the RV’s service & MOT, then we will be spending the next two days doing the ‘touristy’ thing whilst the RV is serviced and MOT’d.  Come Friday we have been invited to visit a friend for a Barbecue whom we haven’t actually seen in person before, but he lives back in Bournemouth!  We will be staying overnight on his driveway so here’s hoping we fit!!

As I write this final bit on Wednesday evening I am pleased to report that the RV passed her MOT without any advisories and the service was also completed!  Adi informed us that the service was straightforward and there was NOTHING of concern.  He said at some stage the underside could do with a clean and pressure wash and given the Waxoyl treatment, but that aside there was nothing that needed attention, replacing or repairing for the foreseeable future.  We are therefore all set to make our way abroad for the winter come November with no nagging issues in the background.  What a result! We have ended up with a ‘spare’ day to enjoy the area and we will make the most of it.

Big thanks are due to Adi & Cassie of ABM Automotive for a very professional and value for money service.  First Class and highly recommended.

After next Friday’s barbecue we have a 3 week break before our next Rally at Newbury in Berkshire for another Retro festival, so it’s our intention to make our way along the south coast towards Southampton to visit another friend we haven’t seen for a while.  So watch this space!

Until next time …


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