And so to barbecue ..

We left Bagwell Farm around 11am on Friday in good spirits and with the dry weather still holding, heading to our friend back in Bournemouth.

I think this is the longest period of dry and hot weather we have experienced for a long time and both of us are struggling to get a good nights sleep.  This is okay whilst we are staying put but it does put additional strain on us when driving as sometimes we struggle to stay awake on the more monotonous parts of the journey.  Additionally we haven’t been able to give the dogs their ‘off lead’ exercise every day, which is essential for their well being, indeed for several days.  They too have struggled with the weather but to be fair they have been very well behaved none the less.  Lucy & Thor travel with me in the RV and Dexter travels in the car with Irene and this works well.  We stop regularly on our journeys which gives us humans a chance to touch base and discuss our progress, but also to give the dogs the chance to stretch their legs too.

We did try using ‘walkie talkies’ to keep in contact on our travels but Irene found their use problematic so we stopped using them.  Fortunately time and technology have moved on and Irene’s car radio has both Sat Nav and Bluetooth technology which means she can make or answer telephone calls hands free!  The radio in the RV was a little bit old school so I recently purchased an updated model that also boasts Bluetooth technology meaning I too can make & receive hands free calls! No more need for walkie talkies!!

We made it into Bournemouth just after midday and learned that our friend was not quite ready for us to try and get onto his driveway.  The access was going to be a challenge with only 2″ either side of the RV to spare without taking out his gate posts!!  I had checked on Google Earth whether we could get in which would totally rely on how ‘straight’ I could get.  The road was plenty wide enough for a wide ‘swing in’ but even the smallest of obstructions would cause me problems.!

As our friend wasn’t ready for us yet he re-directed us to the Avon Heath Country park nearby where we could have a break and a rest, walk the dogs and chill for a couple of hours.  It was only about 3/4 of a mile away but the best bit was that there was a Coach and HGV park where we could stay for as long as 12 hours if needs be, so plenty of room for us!  It was a great facility to have and was a great place to relax, walk the dogs etc.

Around 4pm we made our way to our friends house and, despite all my best efforts and preparations, it really was a tight fit to get in his driveway.  However I did manage to get in but at the expense of some scratches down the side of the RV (which can be polished out) and the complete demolishing of one of his gate posts!! (which I am pleased to say was already loose and which I had removed prior to attempting entry!)

We had an exceptionally pleasant afternoon and evening with Kev, Glenda and Jazz, chewed the fat, put the world to rights and enjoyed good food, good liquid refreshment and good company and by the time it was time for bed, we were all talked out and ready for sleep.

Because of the lack of space we were unable to use our slide-outs which also meant a bit of a lack of ventilation!  We sweltered the night away in a fitful sleep and woke in the early hours not exactly rested!!  However, this was a small price to pay for the privilege of meeting our friends for the first time.

By  9am we were on the road again and took the opportunity to re-visit the Country Park to give ourselves the chance to have some breakfast and give the dogs some well deserved exercise.  By 11am we were making our way towards Cambridge having decided that another short trip was not something we needed, instead opting to travel to a small site just outside Cambridge where we could stay for just short of 3 weeks.  This would give us both the chance to get some proper rest, visit our daughters and generally have a more restful period before attending our next Rally in early August.

We arrived on site at Orchard Farm just after 5pm on Saturday and by 6pm we were settled, the dogs were fed and we were relaxing with a lovely cup of tea.

As a write this it is Sunday afternoon, the men’s singles final at Wimbledon is about to start and the temperature outside is 31 degrees centigrade.  Thank goodness for air conditioners!!  It is time to sign off until next time…


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