Update: 22nd February 2017

It is now 11 years since we moved to our Welsh idyll, and 4 years since I wrote the details below.  Mainly due to health reasons we have decided to minimise the work on our little farm and over the last couple of years all of the animals have now gone.  No more goats or sheep, the chickens, ducks and geese have gone to friends homes and the budgies also went some time ago.  It has made life easier for us both but it has been hard parting with the animals we loved.  As of today we only have 4 dogs, 3 dobermanns and 1 Jack Russell agd 13.   We are still busy and occupied but in a more manageable way.  Time for some new adventures I think.  The Motorhome is proving to be a good investment meaning we have more opportunities to get away, and our 16yr old Japanese import Toyota Grand HiAce is making a great ‘day van’

‘Triangle Farm’ is the name we have given to our very small (i.e. 1.1acre) Smallholding here in the West of Wales at LLanllwni, Pencader.

The house itself is now called ‘Rhos Uchaf’ (renamed by a previous owner). However, back in 1840 when this traditional stone-built Welsh Longhouse was built, it was known as ‘Triangle’ – presumably because it sits in the triangle of two adjoining roads – the main A485 between Carmarthen & Lampeter and the ‘mountain’ road to Rhydcymerau.

Formerly consisting of 42 acres, the land has slowly been disposed of by previous owners so that only 1.1 acres remain.  Despite the small size, but with 4.5 acres rented, we have managed to keep a varied amount of livestock which included 2 coloured horses, 13 Golden Guernsey Goats, 2 Torwen Badger Faced sheep (see here), 6 Mallard x Indian Runner ducks, and 6 Light Sussex chickens.  We also have, as family pets, 3 Jack Russel Dogs, 3 cats, and about 50 budgies!!!

We have now lived here for just over 11 years and thought it was time to create a record of our ‘Mad House’.  On the blog (Home) page we will be posting details of our daily tribulations of the events and challenges we have faced over the years.

We will also create (time permitting) additional pages with pictures of our animals and land together with details and descriptions of what we have done.

We hope you will take the time to view our pages and comment on what we have done and are doing.

If you would like to contact us, you can do so via the Contact Us Page.  You can also ‘subscribe’ to this site using the link on the right which will notify you when the pages are updated.

Gary & Irene



  1. I am looking to but 2 Golden Guernsey Female kids.Have you any for sale or do you know of any please?My phone number is 07968665456.

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