The Animals

Update: 2nd May 2016.  Now only have the horses and dogs and a few rescue rabbits.  We plan on having some new adventures now that life is a little simpler and easier.

Some pictures of the animals we still have, and archive pictures of animals we no longer have.

This is Toby

This is Toby!  He is an Irish Draft/Cob cross and belongs to Gary.  He is now 18 yrs old, 15.2 Hands High and is definately a daddies boy!  He is also euphamistically called a ‘good doer’ which basically means if there’s food he’ll eat it!  We also call him ‘pwdryn’ which is welsh and means ‘lazy bones’, because he does no more than he has to!  He is well behaved and is good to both ride and drive.


This is Ellie

This is Ellie.  She is a Warmblood/Cob cross and belongs to Irene.  She is 16.2 Hands high and is 23 yrs old.  She is also very well behaved and prefers to drive rather than ride! She only eats what she wants and we call her ‘Ellie May’ – she may or may not!



Misletoe & Marigold

These are our Rare Breed Golden Guernsey Goats, Gellisaf Misletoe & Gellisaf Marigold.  They are the two goatlings we started with back in 2007 and are the ‘Mums’ to all our girls. The ‘Gellisaf’ line of goats have produced some lovely animals.  Misletoe is a pure Golden Guernsey and Marigold is a British Guernsey.  The breed is known for being very easy to handle, very calm and not prone to trying to escape.  They are also very affectionate.

Rosie & Sam

This is Rosie & Sam, two of our three Jack Russells as they were in 2003.  We allowed them to mate once and Rosie produced four lovely pups, one of which we kept and called patch!

We also now have three cats, Jerry, Tabatha and Spud.

Lots more pictures on the relevant pages.


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