Triangle Farm

This page is all about the Farm itself.

Front of house view
Newly painted and cleaned!

Originally consisting of 42 acres and barns etc.,  our smallholding now consists of a mere 1.1 acres, including the House and garden!

The House, a traditional stone Welsh long house, was built in 1840 and at that time would have been  single storey with a thatched roof.  At some time it was extended upwards to provide two upstairs rooms, was rendered on the outside and in the 60’s a kitchen and bathroom extension was added.

The farm itself was taken over by the Jones family between the wars and, originally named

Aerial view of the House and Buildings circa 1960
As it was circa 1960

‘Triangle’, the house and farm were renamed ‘Rhos Uchaf’. Until the mid 70’s, it was a working farm with sheep and cattle, but when Bowen and his wife retired the Farm was sold off to another local farmer, minus one 3 acre field which Bowen used for his retirement bungalow, just yards from the original house!

In the 70’s the House & 3 triangular acres of land were sold off separately and the major refurbishment of the interior was undertaken. The upstairs was re-designed to provide 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, which was made possible by the inclusion of a spiral staircase, which remains to this day. The downstairs bathroom was removed making a much larger ‘farmhouse’ style kitchen with an oil-fired Stanley range and basic central heating was installed. The dining room had the

The Inglenook with log burner

Welsh Range removed and an ‘inglenook’ style fireplace with log-burner replaced it. The living room was given a ‘feature’ wall where the plaster was removed and the original stone construction was allowed to show through.

Two more acres were sold off for house building at the bottom of the triangle, and over time a block of 2 stables and a garage with loft space above was added as was the frame for a polytunnel. What remains is nestled between the A485 Carmarthen to Lampeter road and the country lane leading to Llanllwni Mountain. The junction on which the house stands is known locally as ‘Pentop’.

Since moving to the house in October 2005 we have; re-furbished the kitchen; had a utility room added to the kitchen; covered in the rear walkway; had another garage built on the other end of the house as the original garage was not usable for vehicles; refurbished the bathroom; converted the 1st paddock to an exercise area for the horses; created a block built ‘feed’ room; covered the polytunnel and made it into a vegetable growing area; created a vegetable plot and fruit cage plus added sheds for housing the goats!

Needless to say it’s been a busy time and there are still plenty of things that need upkeep and maintenance that keep us busy most of the time.

As it is Today 2012!

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