The House

Well,  I’ve already posted pictures of the House on the main Farm page, so I’ll have to think of something different for this page, and I’ll have to take a few more photos!  Bear with us.

Firstly I need to explain that had the house been left as it was when it was built, it would

Feature wall left

have stone walls on display (like the Living Room feature wall) and would have shown its lime mortar and possibly lime render.  That would have meant that the house would ‘breathe’ but of course it would suffer from damp.  Originally the house had stone floors with flagstones that were laid straight on the dirt.  We understand that before the house was modernised when it rained heavily, water flowed through the living room!

As we said on the earlier page the house would only have had two rooms originally in the 1840’s.  Our  current dining room would

Feature wall right

have had a Welsh Range and would have been the family’s living room, kitchen and dining room all in one.  The other room would have been where the family slept all together!  Even at the turn of the century when the Jones’ first moved in the only change would have been to have  the upstairs.  Still no bathroom and an outdoor privvy would have been the order of the day.  Bowen still recalls that they used to ‘salt’ the pork in the front room, now the living room, and asked us once if the meat hooks were still in the ceiling!

Spiral staircase

Only in the 60’s did the house move into the 20th century when Bowen added the extension which became the kitchen and downstairs bathroom (now just a kitchen), and the private sewage system was installed via pipework under the back garden to a septic tank, which still functions well today.

We are aware that our friend and neighbour, Andrew Lewis, still remembers ‘pointing’ the feature wall in the lounge back in the 70’s and has since helped us with more modernising. Previous owners added a garage (no longer in use as a garage as it used to flood!) and a small stable block, for two horses.  Other additions I have mentioned on the previous page.

We now have a recent aerial photograph of the house which shows all the changes outside.

(to be continued!)


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